herbs »Salmalia malabarica
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Salmalia malabarica / Bombax ceiba

Latin Names: Salmalia malabarica / Bombax ceiba
English Name: Silk Cotton Tree
Sanskrit / Indian Name: Shalmali

A lofty, deciduous tree with horizontally, spreading branches.

The bark, on analysis, possesses tannins and non-tannins. It also contains lupeol, ß-sitosterol and its D-glucoside. The bark is given as a demulcent, emetic and tonic. Externally, it is used as a styptic, and also for fomenting wounds. The gum is credited with astringent, tonic, and demulcent properties and is used for dysentery, hemoptysis in pulmonary tuberculosis, influenza and menorrhagia.