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Pyrus malus

Latin Name: Pyrus malus
English Names: Crab Apple, Cultivated Apple
Sanskrit / Indian Name: Seva

A low round-crowned tree. The composition of the apple fruit varies with variety, climatic conditions during the growing season, and the stage of maturity.

It is a rich source of various vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and flavanoids. Malic acid is the principal acid (90-95% of the total acids) of the fruit. It has tonic, keratolytic and antiseptic properties. The astringent principles of apple include tannins, tannin derivatives and coloring materials (flavones). Apple is one of the fruits with low antigen content diet and is useful in the management of immunomediated diseases such as mixed cryoglobulinemia and Ig A neuropathy. Apple fruits contain a ß-glycol, octane-1, 3-diol which is an antifungal constituent. It reduces skin inflammation and helps in removing dead skin fragments.