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Juglans regia

Latin Name: Juglans regia
English Name: Walnut
Sanskrit / Indian Name: Akschota

A large, deciduous, monoecious tree with tomentose shoots. Walnut is esteemed as dessert and dry fruit during winter, particularly in North India. A globulin, juglansin, has been isolated from the edible kernel.
Walnut shell, acts as exfoliating micro-particles, & contains organic acids that are astringent and antiseptic. The leaves and bark are tonic, anthelmintic, alterative and detergent; they are used in herpes, eczema, scrofula and syphilis; the fruit is reported to be used as alterative in rheumatism. The vinegar of the pickled young fruit is used as a gargle for sore throat. Green hull and unripe shell are anti-syphilitic and vermifugal. The expressed oil of the fruit is considered useful against tapeworm and as a laxative injection. In Malaya, the kernels are recommended in colic and dysentery.

The finely powdered bark can be used as an ingredient of ayurvedic medicine for the treatment of bleeding gums and as mouth rinse. It can also be used in cosmetics for dentifrice, toothpowder, mouth rinses, deodorants and chewing gums