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Glycyrrhiza glabra

Latin Name: Glycyrrhiza glabra
English Names: Licorice, Liquorice
Sanskrit Names: Yashti-madhu, Yashti-madhuka

Glycyrrhiza glabra is a perennial herb in the subtropical and warm temperate regions. None of the liquorice species occurs in India in the wild. But its use has been reported for a long time in traditional literature.
The principal constituent of licorice is glycyrrhizin. Licorice is used for the treatment of asthma, acute and chronic bronchitis and chronic cough. It modulates the immune system and has shown remarkable immuno-stimulant properties. It has an antioxidant activity. It is a mild anti-inflammatory for arthritis and rheumatism and is used to treat gastric, duodenal and esophageal ulceration or inflammation, heartburn and mouth ulcers. The plant contains phytoestrogens in the form of isoflavones such as formononetin; glabrone, neoliquiritin and hispaglabridin A & B.

It alleviates irritable conditions of the mucus membrane, and strengthens the immune system and provides resistance in recurring infections.