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Ficus bengalensis

Latin Name: Ficus bengalensis
English Name: Banyan Tree
Sanskrit Name: Vata

A very large tree, with spreading branches. The stembark contains ß-sitosterol, a-D-glucose and meso- inositol. The leaves contain petunidin di-glycoside and quercentin 3-galactoside. The fruits contain cyanidin rhamnoglycoside and polysaccharides.

Various parts of the plant are considered medicinal. The milky juice is externally applied for pains and bruises and as an anodyne in rheumatism and lumbago. It is also used as a remedy for toothache. The leaves are heated and applied as poultice to abscesses. The bark is tonic, astringent and cooling. The seeds are also considered as cooling and tonic.