1. Establish bona fides of herbal materials through morphological and microscopic studies
  2. Maintain herbarium of phyto-medical materials.
  3. Formulation and Development
  Formulation and Development
  1. Pre-formulation studies to check the biochemical action of ingredients.
  2. Trials to assess safety and efficacy of formulations.
  3. Accelerated stability trials to check physical, chemical, microbiological and biological aspects of formulations.
  4. Standardize processes for uniform quality.
  5. Transfer of technology to the production department.
  1. Study the mechanism of drug action at a molecular level.
  2. Attempt to understand the endogenous mediators involved in the activity.
  3. Develop immuno-protective agents to counter opportunistic infections in AIDS, carcinogenic malignancy, septic shock, organ transplantation and chronic infections.
  4. Substitute work with in vitro (in the laboratory) cell line models for in vivo (in the body) experiments.
  Veterinary Pharmacology
  1. Study the safety and efficacy of veterinary formulations in experimental and clinical trials on different animal species.
  2. Study the mechanism of action in the formulations.